Management Strategy is the best way to achieve some target. To determined which is the best will depend on the criteria been used. Management strategy objective usually define to get a long term achievement, surviving, security and profit maximizing. The target of management strategy is more realistic to achieve important circumstances to get the goal. Achieving the target will bring closer to the goal. The target generally more specific, predictable and covers target scheme and period. Management Strategy observes the relation between the subjects with the outside world.

Management strategy mentioned one by one regarding to the cause and the result that we have done by the subject and how the respond of the outside world. Management Strategy could be effective if the result achievement according to the purposed. Because the situation mostly need strategic analysis will not static, but interactive and dynamic, therefore the relation between the cause and the result will be unstable. The management strategy decision will be meaningless without implementation. Management strategy is depending on the possibility and the potential tactics. The strategic decision should be achieve the goal.

By the third biggest market potential after China and United State of America, there are some business chances in Indonesia that still need investment such as in industry sector, which are as follow :

  • Electricity energy inciter
  • Production of alternative fuel beside petroleum fuel
  • Automotive industry
  • Ship industry
  • Airplane industry
  • Electronics and the supporter components
  • Textile, garment and accessories
  • Tourism (Hotel, restaurant, cinema and other recreation places)
  • Handicrafts and Furnitures
  • Foods and drinks
  • Computer Hardware, Software, Networking and Internet Products
  • Online Marketing and Internet Buying Services
  • Agriculture and plantation product industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Facility and connection facility (massive transportation)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Package and document delivery services
  • Etc.

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